In this article, we will discuss what makes bitcoin whales increase their cryptocurrency holdings. How is bitcoin inferior to Ethereum? How is cryptocurrency gradually gaining ground in the political environment? The following is about all of the above.

The Bitcoin and Ethereum races. Are concerns about inflation contributing to the crypto whales’ bitcoin build-up?

At the beginning of November, crypto started buying again around the world…

2021 was a big year for cryptocurrency. But what’s next? We will talk in a new article about the actions of regulators and congressmen, which can be considered prerequisites for cryptocurrency to become a means of payment on a par with the US dollar.

Will Bitcoin become Brazil’s official currency?

Brazilian congressman Aureo Ribeiro shared that…

In this article, we will talk about how one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges becomes more and more influential in the United States. We will also tell you why American regulation representative sees great opportunities in the newest Chinese restrictions.

Exchange Will Offer US Officials Cryptocurrency Rules

In the past few weeks, there have been rumors that…

Recently, stablecoins have gained a lot of interest among the representatives of the financial industry. What is stablecoin? What are the types of stablecoins and how are they backed? What are their positive and negative sides? We will give answers to the questions in this article. …

Now is the time to talk about how Ethereum philosophy determines its value. How do regulators, politicians, and cryptocurrencies interact? Why will services based on the Ethereum blockchain gradually replace their centralized systems? We will tell you further.

How Ethereum Philosophy Determines Coin Value

What’s the best way to understand any cryptocurrency? It is necessary to…

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