Bitcoin stands still. The news of the week

At first, it fell, but then it rose firmly to its feet

In June, Bitcoin sank below $ 30,000 for the first time in six months. Further, the price went up amid uncertainties with trade and mining in China. The negative from this most important market resulted in a new fall. Now it was lower to 31.5 thousand dollars, but then bitcoin easily rose in a few hours to 32.3 thousand dollars.

The legal status of cryptocurrencies is strengthening among regulators

The cryptocurrency market has come of age and got a well-deserved interest from institutional investors. More and more regulators in various countries are looking for ways to implement cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.


A week ago, we talked about the growing interest of Asian countries in crypto and possible positive effects on the exchange rate. Today, two major events confirm this: whales are returning to the market, and Bitcoin is holding its course in front of negative Chinese news. It is possible that investing in cryptocurrencies is worth looking at as a cryptocurrency with a long-term growth perspective.



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