How cryptocurrency and blockchain will change our lives in 10 years

Purposes of cryptocurrency and blockchain

Cryptocurrency is digital money. This means there are no physical coins or banknotes — everything is online. You can transfer cryptocurrency to someone online without intermediaries, such as banks.

Statistics for 10 years

When Bitcoin had been introduced to the world ten years ago, it was supposed to revolutionize the financial ecosystem. But this revolution has hardly happened. The cryptocurrency’s turbulent first decade was marked by scandals, mistakes, and price swings.

What areas of life will be affected by the daily implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology may become a part of your investment. However, it should be understood that the speed of implementation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies into everyday life will mainly depend on 4 conditions:


Forecasts are difficult to make. Change takes time. Cryptocurrency can be good or evil. Cryptocurrencies empower people to be their own bank and payment method, to move away from the traditional system of money exchange, which puts the financial hegemony of banks at risk. One disadvantage is the possibility of cybercrime or cyber-attacks against the protection and safety of investors.



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