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4 min readDec 29, 2021
The gaming industry has been growing shockingly fast in recent years. We are talking about cybersports and mobile games, including blockchain-based games. While only the stars make money in cybersports, and casual mobile games make money for their creators, some of the blockchain-based games bring real crypto income to all players who are willing to give their time. Let’s talk in this article about how such games work, what examples we can give, and what to expect from the development of this direction in the future.

The main idea of modern crypto games

It is easier to show the market of successful crypto games with examples of games. Each new successful project adds an important element to the overall picture of the industry. However, a few general points can be highlighted.

Some games work on the pay-to-earn concept. The economy is arranged on the time players spend inside. By being active, players get tokens or NFT, or rewards that can be converted into real money. NFT games are also popular, where players’ income depends on creating and owning unique NFT tokens. In the most popular games, the prices of such items can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

The most popular and successful crypto games at the end of 2021

Let’s next take a look at specific examples of games that have a large fan base and blockchain technology at their core. Understanding these projects will help form an overall view of how the crypto games industry lives and grows today.

Axie Infinity

One of the most successful projects that are always mentioned among the first among crypto games. Axie Infinity is a collectible NFT game where players must breed virtual creatures. These creatures are called Axie, and they act as unique NFTs. The owner of the most successful and largest collection rules the ball. In addition to collecting, players compete with each other, trade and create their pets.

First, the player downloads the game and registers. The first step is to buy three Axies, or more. This defines Axie Infinity as a pay-to-win game similar to the widely popular MMORPGs. The main difference is that investments in Axie Infinity to achieve high in-game results can be minimal. Having invested at the start, the player can then rely on their persistence and entrepreneurial spirit to earn money.

In Axie Infinity, there are opportunities not only to earn by selling your virtual pets. As you play, you get SLP and AXS tokens for every win.

SLP is a cryptocurrency that can be used to mate Axies that belong to the player. The result is the creation of a unique baby Axie, which can then be squeezed. ASLP tokens can be sold or exchanged for any other cryptocurrency. SLP and AXS tokens can be sold on the exchange, sent to the stack, or used to vote on the development of the game.


Axie Infinity’s predecessor deserves a mention. The principle of the game is similar and even more simplified. Players collect in-game cats that need to be bred and mated. Each cat has a unique set of “genes.” The characteristics of the cats need to be pumped up, and this is reflected in the genes, which are then passed on to their offspring. This is how the value of such NFT tokens is determined. The prices of the elite cats in the game exceed $100,000 per NFT.

Town Star

Here is an example of a completely free game. Town Star is eloquent proof of the claim that completely free entry into crypto games is possible. However, financial investment helps people to gain an advantage for themselves here, but time and persistence can work wonders.

Game mechanics can be described as a competitive simulation, where everyone develops their farm. The competition cycle is 1 week, after which the winners are determined. Winners are awarded with GALA coins. Also, the game has an opportunity to mine BOXcoin, but it requires significant investment from the player. The earned currency can be sold and exchanged for real money.


Soccer fans can also earn from crypto games. Copape is a collectible card game. The subject of collecting is cards with soccer players from around the world. The cards can be turned into a virtual soccer team and participate in in-game leagues with your team.

In the game, you can form squads, choose a captain and earn points. Collection cards in Sorara are divided by uniqueness and rarity into Rare, Very Rare, Unique. There are also many additional sources of income for in-game successes. Sorare uses NFT. Each player can sell, buy, or exchange cards using the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum.


Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game allows you to earn ETH. Illuvuim is a three-dimensional role-playing game with a story and an open and explorable landscape. A unique feature of Illuvium is the Illuvials. Each Illuvial is distinguished by its characteristics, design, and equipment, as well as a unique feature.

Players fight other people for Illuvials in shards stored in a chain of blocks. Item exchanges and gradation by uniqueness are also available.

Conclusion and prospects for crypto games

There are many more successful blockchain-based games than we described in this article. However, even these examples are enough to form a clear impression.

What are their prospects? In a few years, crypto games have become a full-fledged part of the gaming industry. They bring money to all sides of the process, and the turnover does not plan to decrease. The development of this gaming sector is limited by the possibilities of blockchain. If technology changes, the games will be able to reach new heights. The most interesting and high-quality projects, which can attract attention both with their approach to the crypto component and purely gaming things, will be able to systematically grow and expand the market. And most importantly, they will help accelerate the spread of knowledge about cryptocurrencies among people around the world.



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