The “fall” of crypto markets

Today’s article focuses on the possible reasons for the Bitcoin exchange rate fall. Why is China trying to suppress Bitcoin? How does the “locomotive effect” work? Why major cryptocurrency exchanges are dropping due to the fall in the price of Bitcoin. Let’s get to know.

Bitcoin is heading into decline. Why is this happening?

After the dizzying rise of cryptocurrencies in late 2020 and early 2021, there has been a lot of speculation about the start of the inevitable “crypto winter”. The main question was: “Will the price of cryptocurrencies fall anytime soon?”

China is trying to crush Bitcoin’s influence. Why?

The reason is that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not regulated by central banks. This determines the value of such assets to investors. The lack of centralized regulation and the growing adoption of crypto assets worries many governments, including Beijing.

The locomotive effect: why are key cryptocurrency exchanges losing money due to the Bitcoin price falls?

Problems with Bitcoin are leading to a general escalation in cryptocurrencies in general, as it is the dominant digital asset. BTS is a broad sentiment indicator. What influences the value of Bitcoin?


And yet, is Bitcoin collapsing? Not really. The situation should not be considered a “fall”. Still, Bitcoin has been characterized by expressive volatility for many years.

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