The rise of Ethereum, Bitcoin’s political strength, and the rise of bitcoin whales’ assets. What were the three-quarters of 2021 memorable?

The Bitcoin and Ethereum races. Are concerns about inflation contributing to the crypto whales’ bitcoin build-up?

At the beginning of November, crypto started buying again around the world amid rising inflationary expectations. The behavior of major market investors suggests that investing in bitcoin can once again become the main option for capital preservation. JPMorgan analysts confirm this.

Strengthening cryptocurrency in a political environment

El Salvador is using the profits from the rise in BTC to build 20 new schools. Funds from the “surplus” of the so-called Bitcoin Implementation Trust (FIDEBITCÓIN) are yielding results, and the president of the Republic Naib Buquele announced the start of the construction of the first 20 Bitcoin schools, also modernized and equipped with technology. He also said that other projects will be implemented for the benefit of the people, without spending a single Salvadoran tax dollar. All profits will be used from the results of the implementation of the law, which was created by ignoring the opposition.


Thus, the positive status of cryptocurrency market pillars continues to strengthen, despite increasing attempts at regulation by government agencies. Bitcoin and its peers are considered good means of capital preservation.



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